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Bones [Apr. 7th, 2014|08:00 pm]

Huh, so we're chasing a convict with dogs at night. Convict almost gets away with it until he crawls into a hollow tree trunk with a body. Hee!

Bones and Booth at the shooting range. Booth mocks her for her shooting. He has some sort of test coming up and they are called to the tree trunk. Vic has been in the tree for maybe a year. There's a shitload of bugs. Everyone at the lab enjoys the body. Oh look its Blond Intern, now Cancer Intern. He sees that the vic somehow may have had lupus (but its never lupus, per House) and the bugs are icky and everyone is awkward about Cancer Intern.

Booth tries to get Sweets to help him cheat on the test. Sweets says no, and also has opinions about the case. Angela plays with some lazer tool and a skull. Oh look another magic table of faces. They talk about Cancer Intern and Angela is worried about him and thinks its unfair. Also the vic is Abby. Bones and Booth tell Abby's sister.... Abby did have lupus, severe lupus. And self medicating with pot. It was all legal. Abby was so grateful she worked at the dispensary.

Hodges and Cancer play with the bugs. Cancer looks super wane and ill. He finds defensive wounds on the vic. Booth is all weird about going to the pot store. The doc at the pot store is all sad, and the security guard offers that Abby had a confrontation with someone trying to buy non medicinal pot.

Weed guy is all "not me, I just wanted weed!". He wanted to celebrate and Booth is kind of an asshole to him. The termites btw ate Abby's bones. Also Cancer Intern uses medicinal pot, and Hodges is all cool.

Booth is playing brain games. Sweets has the vic's sketch book. In the sketch book, she has drawn the dispensary and the security guard is staring at her in all the pics but she doesn't like him. Also Bones casually suggests Cancer Intern try pot. Cancer Intern finds evidence to point at the security guy. Bones and Booth interrogate him but he reveals that she got really secretive. He also no longer has the flashlight in question. Dun dun DUNNNNNN!

Bones and Cancer rule out the flashlight. Cancer reveals his pot smoking. Bones really could shit care less. She is pro pot. Also she thinks Cancer Intern is a fine person and an example to them all. Also there's a bone chip with weird evidence.

Booth continues to chide Sweets for not helping him on his test. Also Abby was buying camping equipment before she died. Cancer Intern meets up with Cam and of course tells her how he's smoking pot. Really, I don't get his need to tell everyone. Cam is all "dude why are you telling me this??? Now I have to care!" She basically fires Cancer Intern. Now Hodges and Angela bitch at each other about how much of a bitch Cam is. Hodges and Angela are assholes to her and she is all "I can take the heat, I'm the world's biggest bitch, now lets work the case please". Hodges hostily shows Cam the murder site on satellite.

Bones and Booth find the death site and also Abby's pot farm.

Cancer Intern and Booth have a heart to heart about how pot for cancer is good. Cancer is worried that Booth thinks he's a loser. Booth admits he doesn't think that. Hodges meanwhile found out that Abby was growing a special line of pot - her pot had all the medicinal stuff but few of the fun things perfect for sick people. Also Angela discovers that Abby has a special handshake and was dealing her own strain of pot in the dispensary. Now Bones and Booth interrogate the doctor running the dispensary. Doc asks for a lawyer.

Bones is fussy with Cam about Cancer intern. They discover that the vic had her throat cut by someone with perhaps... surgical skill. Like a doctor.

At the diner, Bones and Booth chat about Cancer Intern. Booth is now pro pot for cancer people. Cancer Intern shows up. He makes a bad pot brownie joke. Bones reads his notes and realizes what the weapon is. Well, ok they use the magic computer. Huh the murder weapon was a writing award that the kid who was hassling her for pot. There's blood on the award. The kid confesses. Its all so sad and also I can't figure out how the glass trophy did what it was supposed to without breaking. Meanwhile Cancer Intern is somehow magically allowed to skirt federal law and gets his job back. Now we get a montage while everyone gets happy and bones takes his test. Sure enough he does his personal best on the test. They drink champagne in the park. Which I am pretty sure is illegal....

[User Picture]From: i_want_2
2014-04-08 06:04 am (UTC)
Ah, it twas the Bones that did it!
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[User Picture]From: rap541
2014-04-08 11:20 pm (UTC)
well, as near as I can tell, it was the pot that did it. I dunno, I was drunk ;)
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