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Woo! Kinda excited!

So I applied for the Virginia G Piper Center for Creative Writing: Your Novel Year program.... Kind of on a lark, to be honest. Michael Stackpole insisted we all take the postcards with the program info....

I found out today I was accepted. Apparently they liked my first three chapters of "A Cold Sort of Joy"

Now I need to consider the expense. I have the money, so it's more "is this what I am gonna spend it on"

Time to think.
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There's an app for youtube for the Amazon Fire TV!

That means I can watch Youtube videos on my tv!

I am watching Under the Mountain right now! Since clearly the best way to use this miracle is to watch cheesy New Zealand horror shows from the early 1980s!

And maybe later plane crashes :D
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Hmm... I love my family but sometimes I kinda want to shake them all because I never know when its my family being dramatic and when its serious.

1. Brother calls with "check your credit report!!" because Sis's ex-boyfriend may have been checking our credit ratings. Now I actually keep an eye on my credit report so this isn't a horror show other than that its an escalation in the break up/custody and sis and ex-boyfriend, despite being as poor as dirt are determined to have a giant war over their relationship. Mom thinks boyfriend is setting sis up to "grab full custody". I respectfully note how exboyfriend rarely takes the niece for the full amount of time the current custody plan allows. I suspect a lot of the drama here is farcial.... as in I don't think the ex is interested in full custody at all.

2. Mom is convinced! CONVINCED! That Dad has Altheimers coming on. This isn't actually a ridiculous concern as a) He's 71 b)His mother had Altheimers and c) he completely lost track of a conversation with me while on the phone. So understand, I am respectful of the concern. However....

Dad and Mom both drink. And this isn't a new habit. Are they alcoholics? Not officially - they periodically go lengthy periods where they rarely drink but frankly I remember my childhood where 12 packs of beer were casually finished off in an evening.

Mom and Dad have played a passive aggressive game for years where he ignores her and she gets to be a dramatic queen over it.

Dad is also, I think, depressed over his ill health.

I don't know if this is a real concern or my mom drama queening. I gave her my advice which was if she's worried, then get Dad to a doctor because the drugs that are out there work better if the diagnosis is earlier. I also said that exboyfriend should be handed the niece full time for a trial run IF he was genuinely wanting full custody.

My problem at the end of the day is that I can't discern what is bull shit and what isn't because I know the games my mom and my sis play and one reason I live on the opposite side of the country is to avoid being hauled back into the circle of control.

eta - btw with all this altheimers talk, guess who forgot my birthday? Mom.
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On how to not encourage a fanfic writer to work on the story you want

So here's the thing. I am, despite my public persona, a generally nice person who doesn't like conflict or anger.

I also accept that I float from fandom to eclectic fandom and I have really eclectic tastes. Let me sum up the fandoms I have participated in, in a deep extensive way.

1. Power Rangers
2. ER
3. Xfiles
4. Battlestar Galactica classic and new
5. Various Star Treks
6. Downton Abbey
7. Gilligan's Island

The fandoms I have listed are fandoms I have written LENGTHY novel long fanfics about. I get that I have really odd tastes. I get that it's disappointing when my lazer like, pit bull focused attention moves from one fandom to another because it generally means I stop writing in the old fandom.

I genuinely feel bad about leaving Going Forward, the sequel to Going Native, my lengthy Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek the Next Generation novel length fic. I really do. But it turned into a slog, and as much as I love BSG, the way the show ended also kinda made me lose interest.

So I started doing Downton Abbey fanfic a few years later. And let me be honest, because really, I know that fanfic writers can be kinda ego involved, so I want to be clear about something.

I'm writing Downton Abbey fanfic because I enjoy it, not because I am hoping to be some BNF in that fandom. Here's the reality. Going Native has over 1200 reviews. My DA fanfic combined gets to maybe 150 reviews. Going Native has over 1.2 million hits on FFN. Going Forward, unfinished, has 373 reviews and 178k hits. Trust me when I say that my Downton Abbey fics aren't getting that attention. I'm not posting the embarrassing hit numbers but trust me, if I wanted hits and reviews, if that's what my writing was about, then I would be cranking out more chapters on Going Forward. The muse just hasn't been calling.

I posted a new Downton Abbey fic today, mostly because it was Halloweenie and could potentially be silly fun - the initial chapter is a tad dark but I mostly see it as a snarky fun story that riffs on vampire mythos. And the very first review is from a BSG fan who - because I msged them I know they didn't mean their remarks - but who posted a fairly rude review about they preferred I work on Going Forward and asked if I suddenly got old....

Did I mention today is my birthday?

Now I am not looking or wanting anyone to go look at this review - I msged this person and we're cool but I really want people to stop and consider before they send what they think are clever cute snarky reviews that are basically gripes about how they prefer I write something else that... I wasn't having a bad day today because I am fairly mellow and life is good. But I do know fanfic authors who would really be devastated to see such a comment. I'll be honest, it doesn't make me want to work on Going Forward at all, even though I know a chapter of Going Forward is a guaranteed 20+ YAY reviews in my email. It just irks me that I posted a fic for fun and the first review is a shot at my age and a gripe that I am not writing what someone wants.
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A little sad today...

I was cleaning out my t-shirts because they're exploding out of the closet so I need to cut the numbers down and...

I tossed my "What the Frak?" T-shirt.

I feel bad cause I still love BSG with all my heart but... I never ever wear the damn shirt, not even at conventions any more, and it just sits in the closet....

*To clarify - the old tshirts are being thrown in the donation bin, not just thrown out
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Hilarious workfail!

So one of the perks of Unnamed Credit Card Company is that we routinely get free t-shirts. Sometimes the shirts are "work cool" and sometimes they are best used as rags to wash the car...

And sometimes they fail SO BADLY.

So we got free shirts today that we need to wear on Monday to welcome our new uberleader. This is nice but its like Dante's Ninth ring of fail.

1. Even though we were asked our sizes, there are only two sizes of shirt available. Large, and Extra Large. A good third of my coworkers are in the XXL club. By itself, this is a minor thing.

2. The fabric of the shirt is an oddly see thru light gray. Those of us with shirts already too small have noted how clearly visible our aureoles will be. That's a problem in a dept of mostly females and obese men.

3. The new motto "Open to Grow" is prominently displayed on the front of the shirt. By front of the shirt, I mean "on our tits".